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  • £130.00

    A day’s review and overhaul

    One days working to review all active accounts, create a action list of requirements with timescales. Q&A session to answer your questions and discuss best practice. 4 hours in the afternoon to update online presence and streamline services. Finishing the full days review by creating a detailed but easy to follow action plan for your social media. 6 hours
    • 30 min -  Social media, web rankings and site listing review
    • 1 hour - Q&A discussing best practice, critical work and brand consistency
    • 4 hours - Actioning Q&A critical work and brand consistency
    • 30 min - Recommendations and social media schedule
  • £150.00

    Design and marketing

    A comprehensive service covering all social media, design, web and print requirements at a monthly fee. Ensure that your brand looks the best it can be from every angle.
    • Awards - Competition entries for annual industry awards
    • Publications - Graphic design, image and related article
    • Newsletter - Content, graphics and photography
    Social Media
    • Facebook  - Weekly posting promotion
    • Twitter - Tweeting events and offers
    • Instagram - Photos of your business
    Website Management
    • All software and system core updates
    • Updating menus on a weekly basis
    Design and Printing
    • Graphic Design - Adverts, PDF documents
    • Printing - All print design
    For a personalised quote tailored to your requirements please get in touch, prices start from £150 per month.
  • £200.00

    Design and rebrand

    Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can make the difference. A design and rebrand takes an in depth look at your business, gives new options on your design and helps to implement across all of your sites and networks.
    • Updated design files for online use
    • Branding guidelines for your business
    • Copywriting and proofreading all content areas
    • Photoshoot and stylised photography
    • PDF or downloadable documents
    • Design templates for print copy (A4 and A5 flyers)
    Get in touch and discuss your needs and requirements. Prices start from £200
  • £90.00

    Morning review and tidy up

    Best option for giving your online presence an overall, with a focus on removing all detrimental listings and streamlining all active accounts. Q&A session to answer questions on usage and best practice. One and half hours working time to action critical work list created in the Q&A. Finishing the tidy up by creating a detailed but easy to follow action plan for your social media. 4 hours work
    • 30 min –  Social media, web rankings and site listing review
    • 30 min – Q&A discussing best practice and critical work
    • 1.5 hours – Actioning Q&A critical work list
    • 30 min – Action plan and schedule
  • £500.00

    Website development

    Full website hosting, design and development. We can handle the full process working with our experienced designers and marketeers to create a new site that is fully optimised across all platforms and devices.
    • Logo design
    • Page layout and design
    • Template design
    • Colour schemes
    • Image optimisation
    • Copywriting
    • Social media icons and links
    • Third party integrations (booking systems)
    Please get in touch and we can work together to create the perfect site for your business. Prices start from £500